Aug 21, 2012

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Stress Management is important for body and brain

Why Stress Management Is Important

Stress is the fundamental reason for many sicknesses, both major and minor.

Physicians and mental well-being professionals agree that stress reduction methodologies can stop many diseases, and disorders, as well as increase a patient’s capability to cure following the development of a selection of health issues.

The human reply to stress fires inside the brain, manufacturing chemical and physical changes across the body, which affect each facet of it’s functioning.

During periods of intense stress the brain’s production of such chemicals as Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine increase, causing the distribution of bigger amounts of these Catecholamines across the body.

The rise of the presence of these chemicals produces physical changes like increased heartbeat rate, and blood pressure, increased cell reproduction, and suppression of the immune reaction.

Over time, unmanaged stress can cause the development of ulcers and other digestive issues, heart illness, even coronary and stroke.

The immune’s systems capability to defend against infection and illness is inhibited, permitting for the beginning of numerous diseases and viral infections.

In addition, the development of lingering conditions like Diabetes and Asthma, have been associated with stress. Stress is also related to several psychological and emotional anomalies , for example Depression, hysteria, acute Fears , and panic episodes.

The Fight or Flight instinct caused by the brain in occassions of acute stress is also related to the on-set of these persistent psychological well-being conditions.

Learning to control stress in healthy methods can help in reducing the chemical changes occurring in the brain and body, thus improving both physical and psychological health.

Acupuncture And Tai Chi For Stress Management

Acupuncture and tai chi are strategies which many folks believe can help to release the flow of energy across the body.

These traditional forms of medicare are getting more and more frequently utilized in the western hemisphere, as folks realize the advantages to their health and contentment.

In a study conducted at Yale Varsity Medical Faculty in the 1990′s acupuncture was demonstrated to significantly deal with stress.

The study proved that the method succeeded in lowering blood pressure, anxiousness state, heartbeat rate and electrodermal activities in the bulk of test subjects.

In a second study, broadcast in 1998, acupuncture was successful in treating 85.7 % of test subjects with General stress Disorder.

Acupuncture is regarded as a holistic medicine, and those that are treated typically experience no complications.

This is in sheer contrast to the various side-effects regularly experienced by patients taking prescription medicines to cut back the affects stress and anxiety.

While acupuncture needs the utilization of miniscule, fine needles applied to precise areas of the body, tai chi is a non-invasive form of acupuncture, which needs no needles to be useful.

Both procedures have been shown to scale back the presence of certain chemicals in the body which are produced at extreme levels during times of stress.

In addition these procedures help to optimize nerve transmissions along the backbone, and excite the internal organs, enlarging their power to function correctly.

To get an approved and licensed acupuncture consultant visit the “National Authorization Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” online.

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