Aug 21, 2012

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Stress for teens and how financial stress affects us

Stress for teens and how financial stress affects us
Stress for teenagers
The teenage years hold perhaps the most treasured memories for every adult. It is that short period of time they begin to search for their own identities. They are outgoing and unafraid to try new things. They are full of ideals, aspirations, dreams and wishes. However, they are also torn in the sense that they are unsure what their place in society is. In fact, the teenage years can also be the most stressful years not just for the teenager, but also on the part of the parents. While there is no definite 101 guide for parents on how to raise their teenagers, here are a few ways that could ease tension and stress between and among teenagers and their parents: Talk to your teenager. Much of your teenager’s erratic behavior and mood swings are a result of their raging hormones in their body and their drive to have their own identity and sense of belonging. Try to communicate calmly with your child. Most often than not, they just need to find someone that they can open up to who they know that will understand them.


Apologize to your teenager. Heated arguments are sure to erupt between you and your teenager. While your teenager may have had their share of mistakes, parents are also prone in making them as well. By sincerely apologizing to your teenager when you feel you have indeed gone overboard will strengthen the bond between you and your teen and by making them feel that you sincerely respect their feelings.

Put yourself in your teen’s shoes. Remember, you were also once a teenager and have gone through pretty much the same growing pains your teen is going through. Harsh criticisms and severely strict rules would only prompt your teen to rebel more as compared to making them feel that you are on their side and treating them as mature individuals.

How financial stress affects us.

There has been a long list created of events and circumstances that could cause a person to experience stress. One of this is financial problems, hence the term financial stress. Apart from being a stressful event in itself, financial problems also becomes the cause for other stressful events to develop such as divorce.

One effective method in overcoming financial stress is by re-evaluating your core values. While our core values often have nothing to do with money, these core values by which we live by do affect the various decisions and priorities we make everyday, including our financial decisions. Oftentimes,stressful situations occur as a result of us comprising our own core values in a particular situation causing us to experience some form of internal conflict from where stress symptoms begin to arise.

Most of the compromise we do in life is because we have begun to put high importance towards money, oftentimes even higher than our own core values. True, having lots of money provide us with so much material benefits and makes our lives a whole lot easier. Money pays the bills, gives our children the best education available and allows us to buy a suitable house for the family, food, and medicine. But, life has much more to offer that money cannot simply provide such as having a peace of mind. This is only provided to us through valuing our sense of integrity.

Having a sense of integrity would allow you not to be ruled by the presence of money. Instead, it will allow you to seek viable solutions in order to address situations of financial strife by making us more committed to seek solutions rather than just simply leaving it to chance or ignoring it. So, even if financial problems are a common part of everyday life, it will no longer be a situation that would no longer make you feel stressed out.

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