Aug 21, 2012

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Stress causes headaches

Stress & Headaches

More and more people are suffering from stress on a daily basis. However, when some people constantly complain about headaches then the one reason that might be a contributing factor are headaches. This is often the main reason people suffer from headaches – stress. This article will explore how you can find a solution to your problems of suffering from headaches.

Some people who suffer from persistent headaches could well be under a lot of stress. Or some people who suffer from an acute headache that usually ends when a person is out of stress. Nevertheless, the main contributing factor to headaches is stress and therefore, it is important for a person to find ways of reducing their problem of headaches. For example, someone who is constantly arguing with someone at home might suffer from headaches on a daily basis or a single mother of 4 children who constantly has to look after all of her children.

The main solution in reducing these headaches is simple – find the cause of your stress and then eventually, once you do your headache will start to disappear. Once you are aware of the problems that are contributing to your headache then you can find different ways of reducing your stress levels and you can eventually change your lifestyle.

A good example of why headaches occur in people is a workaholic person. People who often work long hours in an office or even on the computer at home may start to have severe headaches. For example, people who sit hours in front of the computer are more likely to have a headache and in turn feel more stressed if they do not get their work done.

Another cause of headaches is depression. For example, the person could be going through a very traumatic time and this can often lead to lots of headaches. Therefore, the best way to reduce constant headaches is to do lots of exercise and get lots of sleep.

Stress causes headaches and it affects the body also hence it is important to know the causes of stress.

Causes of Stress

There are lots of different reasons people are stressed. There are thousands and thousands of different explanations on the causes of stress. Everyone is different in society and therefore, often the causes of stress can sometimes help explain the behaviour of individuals. Some people who suffer from stress can have short-term problems such as work problems or might have traumatic long-term problems that affects the person’s behaviour. There are several main causes of stress.

One of the main causes of stress is personal finances. Sometimes people can go through problems such as debt and not having enough money. This can sometimes add pressure to an individual. The main cause of financial burden is credit cards – the more people borrow the more debt they are in.

Secondly, sometimes work can be another problem that causes stress. For example, sometimes some people do not enjoy their jobs but they have no choice but to work. In addition, work can cause stress when there is problems within the workplace and sometimes certain people might not value your contribution.

Another problem is family. No matter how much we love our families we will always quarrel over things. If people have children and they are causing problems in the family then this can be another burden for the person who suffers from stress. Moreover, problems of divorce can escalate the stress levels.

One of the main problems of long-term stress is a death. The loss of a loved one or a close friend or even a pet can be a very traumatic experience. This is the same for if a child dies or a spouse passes away.

A common cause of stress are relationship problems. For example, when a person has problems in a relationship or has problems with a partner this can not only cause a very low self esteem but can lead to a nervous breakdown. In addition, some people look towards online relationships to find a solution to their problems but that can only cause more stress.

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