Aug 21, 2012

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Anxiety attack cause

Stress and Anxiety have a close relation.

Anxiety is a feeling of stress, uneasiness. It is one of the most common event people experience in their daily life. For example, before an examination or an interview. This anxiety and stress can have an effect on the body.

It is usually mild in nature, short lasting and self-limiting. It is considered normal when it is mild in character, and is self-limiting and does not occur on a regular basis, but not so when it is prolonged, severe, disturbs normal daily activities, long-lasting, and is regular in character.


Anxiety symptoms are usually mild in character, but may not if the anxiety is severe or prolonged.They may include:-


• Shortness of breath

• Sweating

• Difficult to concentrate

• Difficult to sleep

• Irritability

• Nervous, angry, irritability

• Chest pain

• Shortness of breath

• Muscle weakness

The causes of anxiety symptoms are not well-defined, and are purely individualistic in nature.

•Family history is one important etiological factor for having anxiety symptoms.
• It may be as a result of underlying medical condition especially thyroid disorders.
• It may also be due to alcohol or drug abuse.
• Drug or alcohol withdrawal.
• Women especially postmenopausal are more likely to have anxiety symptoms than males.
• Further, anxiety symptoms may be present alone or may be associated with other mood disorders such as depression.


There are no direct tests or examination for diagnosing anxiety symptoms. The diagnosis is purely clinical. It is important to locate any underlying physical disorders, or other mental abnormalities, or past real-life traumatic events such as rape, divorce, death, loss etc..


Counseling and behavioral therapy is a major treatment option for anxiety symptoms. It is very useful in anxiety disorder, phobia, depression or other behavioral disorders.

Pharmacotherapy: Anxiolytics such as benzodiazepines are extremely useful to relieve anxiety symptoms. But they should not be taken for longer period of time as they lead to addiction.

Relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation are extremely useful exercises to relieve anxiety symptoms and stress.

It is also very useful to identify those trifling events that causes anxiety or other mood symptoms.

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